Velvet Matte Lipstick


The lovers of the nude trends can enjoy the special collection of 5 nude velvet matte lipsticks. Inspired by the never ending nude trend, this collection offers 5 liquid matte lipsticks, all in different kinds of nude shades. From the lightest to darkest nude, the colors named “Chai”, “Nudie”, “Shake it”, “Latte” and “Gorgeous” are the only nudes that you will need this summer. Suitable for day and night, all of these nudes are created carefully to fit all different skin tones. The application is very easy, and the bottle is super portable and does not take any place in your bag. The texture of the lipstick glides on the lip with the soft application, and even though the lipstick is matte, the lips will never feel dry. They can easily be mixed upon themselves if you wish to achieve some new nude tone.

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