Top makeup trends you can flaunt with KINAH beauty product

Achieving a trendy and fashionable makeup look is not hard when you have the right makeup products by your side. It does require some skill and a steady hand, but nothing more. Every new season introduces new makeup trends that are seen first on the runways on the fashion weeks. Directly from there, the makeup looks are entering the social media as new trends that will be huge in the upcoming seasons. This year, the makeup trends are all about color, glitter and monochromatic looks. This means that colorful eyes, cheeks, and lips can go together on one makeup look.

KINAH beauty is always striving into delivering you quality products that will help you achieve the trendiest makeup look. Take a look at the latest world makeup trends and how to flaunt them using the KINAH beauty products:

  1. Glittery wings

Winged eyeliner became a huge makeup trend as soon as it was spotted on the runways of the famous brands. The makeup artists used a lot of different colors of the glittery eyeliner to play around the concept of the winged look and create unique and colorful makeup looks. This trend appeared as an inspiration from the birds that were present on some fashion garments in the new Valentino and Burberry collections. To nail this exact look, use the KINAH glittery eyeliner and draw wing-like shapes around the eyes. The shapes can be sharp and long or smaller and discreet. Start directly from the outer corner of the eye and move to the temple. As for the color choice, KINAH eye glitters come in 10 different colors so there is a plenty of options to try out. The application and the brush itself make the use of this makeup product very convenient.

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 2. Metallic eyes

Metallics have become a trend in both fashion and makeup industry. The regular eyeshadow is being switched with the metallic one. The finish that the metallic eyeshadow provides is very unique and interesting. It presents a different color under a different angle. Depending on particular shades, every color delivers a different look. Some looks are softer and lighter, and some are more appealing and intense. The metallic eyeshadow holds different particles that visually add depth and saturation both in real looks and photos. Just the kind of metallic eyeshadow you need is the KINAH liquid metallic eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is available in 10 different colors and its application is very easy. The liquid composition allows it to glide on the eyelid and make the application and the final look precise and beautiful.

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3. Black eye makeup

The black eye makeup also comes a trend for the new makeup 2019 season. The creative ways of its use can be done with the clever moves of the black eyeliner. The black graphic eye is one way to try this look. With all the different movements from the hand and drawing black lines around your eyes, you can achieve great looks. These black lines should extend from the outer corner of the eye out to the temple. With the use of the KINAH liquid waterproof eyeliner, you can try the most extraordinary looks. It feels very comfortable on the hand, just like a pen, and allows easy movement of the eyeliner liquid. It is light, does not take up space in your makeup bag and you can carry it everywhere with you.

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 4.Glossy Lips

The trend of the glossy lips is inspired by the '90 makeups. It comes as a nice refresher of what was once trendy and modern. The forgotten gloss in the new season comes in a nude shade and it does not require lipstick. The lips gloss is an everyday makeup product and you can wear it without any other makeup. The KINAH lip plumber glosses come 10 subtle shades that will give your lips a natural look. Each of the shades comes perfectly when matched with any other makeup look. The plumping effect will just add to the perfection of your pout.


5.Colorful eyeshadow

2019 is all about color and bringing color in your daily looks. The one-color looks are what is trending in the eyeshadow department. This trend is very good because it does not require any particular blending of the colors. The colorful eyeshadows were seen on the runways of Erdem and Rodarte as clean and natural. These colors are bright, vibrant and applied only on the upper lid. The most popular colors are magenta, light pink, bright yellow, and light blue. If you want to flaunt this trend properly, it is important to use highly pigmented eyeshadows that will give you just the exact look you want to achieve. The KIHAN mystique eyeshadow pallet is just the right kind of product you need for this look. Consisted of 16 vibrant and highly pigmented colors, it will provide you with the trendiest look for this season. The packaging is ultra-modern and shiny and the shades suit every skin tone.

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These top 5 trends are just a click away from your next makeup look. KINAH beauty is always striving and working towards providing you with the best and trendiest makeup products that will make a difference in your beauty and makeup looks. Following the current fashion trends, our products are just what you need to try out some new looks. 

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