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With the upcoming summer season just around the corner, our makeup looks are getting new colorful vibe. Everything is allowed in the summer. The colors are more vibrant, the texture is more pigmented and the final looks are shinier and eye catching which cannot be said for the winter makeup. Summer allows playfulness and exploring new makeup tricks and tips. Staying on top of the current trends and the wish to offer the customers new and interesting makeup products, KINAH has launched a bunch of makeup products that will instantly become yours favorite.

Our makeup drawers are filled with eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lipsticks and many other makeup products that are predominantly in neutral shades and appropriate for everyday use. But, have you asked yourself what does it take to upgrade your makeup game and look? The summer nights are the perfect time for trying something new and interesting. The summer makeup looks are quite different that the ones for regular daily use and from the winter ones. They allow playing with color, blending different colors, adding lots of shine, shimmer and glow, accenting different parts of you face and mixing textures. Following the latest trends in the makeup industry, what is currently trending is the matte lip delivered and promoted as a trend by Kylie Jenner, colored eyeshadows as a Spring/summer 2019 makeup trend and the highlighted cheeks and face that is trendy for several seasons now.

Having all this in mind, KINAH’s new products are delivering to you just that: color, pigmentation and texture that is beautiful, soft and easy to apply.

Take a look what is new from our brand! 

  1. KINAH matte liquid lipstick

Product link: https://www.kinahbeauty.com/collections/cosmetics/products/kinah-matte-lipstick-liquid 

The new matte liquid lipsticks come in 10 different color shades. All the colors are soft, neutral and warm tones, perfect for every skin tone. They include nudes, pinks, peach and darker plum and brown. The application of these lipsticks is super easy, long-lasting and waterproof. They provide a velvet effect and the finish is dry. The colors, as well as the texture of the lipsticks makes them highly suitable for all different kinds of occasions, from casual to formal. The color palette of this collection is exquisite for summer because it suits different skin tones, especially those who will have tanned skin. The effect is seen from the first thin layer and the lipstick will remain on your lips untacked and not smudged. The packaging is cool and the lipstick can easily fit in your pocket too. 

 2. KINAH waterproof stamp liquid eyeliner

Product link: https://www.kinahbeauty.com/collections/cosmetics/products/kinah-liquid-eyeliner-waterproof

Creating the perfect line with an eyeliner can be a hard and challenging thing for many women and that is the reason why some many of them avoid it. However, to make the application and the entire process much easier and interesting, the new KINAH stamp eyeliner comes with a freedom to draw any line you wish. The both sides of the eyeliner are designed so that you have 2-in-1 product. The one side is thin brush that allows you to create a perfect thin line on your eyelid. The other side of the eyeliner comes in a form of a stamp that allows a perfect finish to the regular cat eye or experimenting with some graphic movements and looks. This is the tool you will need this summer to create unique looks on your eyes. 

 3. KINAH Queen eyeshadow palette

Product Link: https://www.kinahbeauty.com/collections/cosmetics/products/queen-eyeshadow-palette

The new Queen eyeshadow palette is the only palette that you will need this summer. The warm, vibrant and bright tones are perfect for adding some color on your eyes and flaunting the latest makeup trend. The palette offers 35 eyeshadows that come in nice black packaging. It is thin and very travel friendly. The eyeshadows are soft and feel light on the eyes. The quality of the eyeshadows is seen in its ingredients to make the color last and at the same time nourish and care for the skin. The use of this eyeshadows will create a wonderful finish and they are great for all types of occasions. They can easily blend among themselves, creating unique colorful looks. This summer, make your eyes pop with the bold looks from the Queen eyeshadow palette. 


4. KINAH velvet matte Lipstick

Product link: https://www.kinahbeauty.com/collections/cosmetics/products/velvet-matte-lipstick

The lovers of the nude trends can enjoy the special collection of 5 nude velvet matte lipsticks. Inspired by the never ending nude trend, this collection offers 5 liquid matte lipsticks, all in different kinds of nude shades. From the lightest to darkest nude, the colors named “Chai”, “Nudie”, “Shake it”, “Latte” and “Gorgeous” are the only nudes that you will need this summer. Suitable for day and night, all of these nudes are created carefully to fit all different skin tones. The application is very easy, and the bottle is super portable and does not take any place in your bag. The texture of the lipstick glides on the lip with the soft application, and even though the lipstick is matte, the lips will never feel dry. They can easily be mixed upon themselves if you wish to achieve some new nude tone.

  1. KINAH Highlighting finishing spray

Product link: https://www.kinahbeauty.com/collections/cosmetics/products/highlighting-finishing-spray

Nothing says summer like a nice glow. For that purpose, the highlighting finishing spray will come handy to those who want to add some nice glow to their face and keep the makeup straight. With its multipurpose of illuminating, refreshing and conditioning, this spray comes with a nice rose flower mist. The overall process of hydrating, restoring and softening the skin with the added glow is something that is necessary in every women’s makeup bag. The setting sprays come in 4 different versions, each giving a different kind of glow. You can use it after all your makeup is done, or daily, on no-makeup face for a beautiful natural glow.

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